Volunteer Initiative for Community Empowerment is a not-for-profit, non-government organization committed to delivering life-changing interventions to benefit people who find themselves at the margins of society.


VOICE envisions communities with a better quality of life.



To foster sustainable positive change in the lives of under-served and vulnerable communities in Uganda through raising public awareness, promotion of skills-training and increasing people’s access to the basic needs of life.


VOICE subscribes to the following values and practices that reflect our commitment to achieve sustainable positive change.


We are inspired and driven by social conscience. Our belief in the ethic of love and justice for all compels us to reach out to those in need.


We seek to enhance the capacity of the less privileged to meet their needs in a self-sustaining manner.


We enable beneficiaries to actively take part in all stages of project's life cycle.

Organisational Philosophy

At the heart of VOICE’s core values is the belief that the least privileged in society also deserve a life of dignity. Hence, in whatever we do, we are always inspired and driven by social conscience; a virtue that underpins our resolve to make the world a better place for us all, including those in unfortunate circumstances.

Head Office

Volunteer Initiative for Community Empowerment (VOICE).
Busesa Trading Centre, Jinja-Malaba Road
P.O. Box 293, Iganga – Uganda
Tel: +256 787431895 or +256 782922568
Email: info@voicebetterlife.org
Website: www.voicebetterlife.org

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