Hand-washing with soap at critical moments (Akanabala-Bulanga Primary School)

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

The quality of life of a given community is determined, among other factors, by environmental conditions, level of public awareness and access to the basic needs. Poor sanitation, lack of safe water and inappropriate hygiene practices constitute some of the risk factors contributing to the transmission of sanitation-related illnesses that afflict tens of thousands of Ugandans every year, particularly children, in underserved rural areas of the country. As part of our mission, we strive to reach out to the vulnerable segments of the population using a combination of innovative and cost-effective approaches designed to reverse this negative trend.

Our Work

Availing Access to Safe Water

We construct and rehabilitate rainwater tanks in primary schools.

Improving Hygiene and Sanitation

Besides constructing pit-latrines and digging garbage-pits in schools, we facilitate the formation of school health clubs, plant stand-posts in school compounds disseminating sanitation and hygiene messages in order to raise the pupils’ awareness on sanitation and hygiene issues under the hand-washing with soap campaign.

Stimulating Sustainable Positive Change

We nurture and impart life-skills that inspire school-children to change their hygiene behaviours and later act as change agents in their respective families and the wider community.

WASH Facts and Figures in Uganda Primary Schools

  • Pupil to latrine stance ratio is 253:1;

  • Inadequate WASH facilities for girls to support their menstrual hygiene usually results into school drop-outs;

  • 44.4% of rural schools lack access to safe water supply;

  • Dirty water and poor sanitation kill more children every year than AIDS, malaria and measles combined;

  • 27% of school-time is lost due to sanitation-related illnesses;

  • 2% dehydration (loss of body fluids) causes 20% reduction in a child’s class performance (ability to learn)

  • 62% of schools lack hand-washing facilities;

  • WASH facilities in the majority of schools are prone to dysfunction;

Impact of our Work

  • 3 Hand-washing facilities were constructed in 3 primary schools to benefit 2,850 children;

  • 3,856 school-children have adopted good sanitation and hygiene practices (hand-washing with soap, cleaning pit-latrines, boiling water before drinking, etc);

  • Incidence of diarrhoea has reduced by 40% in the 3 project schools;

  • 6 Masons were trained in the construction of rainwater tanks and hand-washing facilities.

We Need Healthy Children Now for a Prosperous Generation in the Future

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